Monday, January 19, 2009

Bella Reese FIRST Birthday!!

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Bella is already One and I am so sad!!! We had a fun little "butterfly" birthday party for her. Unfortunately, my little butterfly was not feeling so well and she would go from one aunt to the next and just lay on them. It was pretty sad. Thanks to all the family and friends who came. Big thank you to the best friend in the world Brynnely Pyne. You were totally my right hand at the party and I really appreciated it. I love you tons. She had a blast playing with all her new toys this morning. We missed grandma and grandpa Sorensen though and all the Sorensen family. I attempted to make her a butterfly cake but it was not the cutest in the world, she did love eating the icing. Bella has the funniest little personality. She can be the sweetest baby, but she is also extremely sassy and sometimes even a little mean. ha ha!!! We feel so lucky to have her in our family. We never forget how blessed we are. Happpy Birthday my sweet baby:)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

7 Years Gone By.....

Happy anniversay to us!!! So Trev and I have a deal that we take turns planning our anniversay day. I strategically made sure that he is on the major years 10, 15, 20 etc. Anyways it was my turn this year. So the plan was my mom and sister agreed to watch the girls all day and have them spend the night. So we were going to sleep in go get a 10am couples massage and then go to our favorite breakfast spot Original Pancake house for brunch, then home for some fun and a good nap, then to dinner at the fabulous Texas De Brazil then off to the strip to see Blue Man Group. Well everything got shot down when I got a fabulous flat tire so instead I spent the day at the very busy tire shop and so I finally dropped the girls off at 3:30pm then raced home to get changed and go to dinner. Trev loves taking pictures so we took some goofy ones for fun. He gave me a bouquet of beautiful flowers and off to dinner we went, it was amazing it was entertaining watching Trevan sort through 15 different fine meats. Then after much debate we decided to forget the show and go home and enjoy the peace and quiet of being alone with no kids. It was fabulous needless to say. We have not been through much the last 7 years just.... breaking our neck, graduating collage, completing a intership, starting a company, working 12-15 hour days at the hospital, enjoyed some vacations(but definately not enough), had 2 beautiful, sassy, crazy girls, moved 4 times, having young women and cub scouts living at our house, the list goes on and on and we have not killed each other yet. We actually still like each other. Needless to say we have lived a stress-free life the last 7 (ha! ha!) but I am so grateful for each and every one of our experiences. The trials and the blessings have strenghened us individually and as a couple. Trevan has really had a rough road with his neck injury and yet he never lets it get in the way of his goals. He does such an amazing job as a provider, patriacrh, father, husband, and best friend. I am one lucky girl to have my best friend for my husband.

Inspection with Daddy

So my poor husband is crazy busy supporting our family and does such an amazing job with his company. Trevan loves "his Saturdays" (his only day of the week to really rest) but unfortunately today he had to go on an inspection and I suggested Joce go with, and she could not be more excited. She ran upstairs into her bedroom and put on her new swimming suit and beenie and came down. Of course we were hysterically laughing. Trev said "Joce that is not warm enough and you need shoes on" so she went upstairs and put on her lovely socks and shoes. When she came back down she proceeded to try to leave, and when we stopped her she insisted that her outfit was cute and started striking poses. Then finally decided to compromise and get a coat on. She had a blast with her daddy. He spoiled her with slurpees and skittles. The girls are the most happy when daddy is home. Bella is Trev's mini-me she follows him where ever he goes and whines and grunts at him until he picks her up. She loves being in her daddy's arms. I am so lucky to have a husband who truly adores his girls. I love him more and more everyday. I am the most privelged woman in the world to have my man by my side:) I love you Trevan!!!

We Love Feeding The Ducks!!!

Aunt Whitney and I decided to take the kids to the park to feed the ducks and a picinic before taking them to Grandma Cheryl's house. My mom rocks she started to spoil us occassionally by giving us a gift certificate to our favorite place to eat "the much loved Cafe Rio" and watches the kids for us. She does so much for us and is such an amazing Grandma. Our kids are so lucky to have her. Anyways the kids loved it Parker and Bella were more interested in feeding themselves instead of the ducks, but Jocelyn took care of that. As Joce would throw the popcorn Bella and Parker would pick it up and eat it with the ducks it was hysterical. Once again Joce got bit and was not to happy about that:)

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Perfect Christmas!!!!

Wow it was an amazing christmas. As a nurse I am required to work every other christmas and so the years that I have off I truly cherish every moment. This year was so fun Jocelyn totally understood the true meaning of christmas and wanted to have a full blown birthday party for Jesus, she really got into giving unto others and of course was all about Santa, but had no desire to go sit on his lap. Christmas Eve we did our traditional Formal Dinner at aunt Ellen's house. Dinner was yummy and then Great grandpa Bob read "twas the night before christmas" and the Grandpa Don REad the Christmas Story from the bible. We opened present and Great Grandma and
Grandpa Schmidt really spoiled us. Thanks again. Then raced home to set out cookies and carrots. Santa brought the girls a fabulous kitchen and shopping carts, and did you know that it cost Santa 240 dollars to make that kitchen and the day after christmas it could have cost santa only 80 I think santa will be coming to our house on the 27th from now on. Joce's favorite present besides the kitchen was all the 34 sticks of "lipstick" she got and did not stop putting it on all day. Bella loved her twin baby dolls she was having a screaming panic attack while trev was trying to get the dolls out of the box it was histarical. she would not stop kissing them. Really we could have just given her a candy cane and she would have been content. She ate 3 for breakfast. Trev spoiled me and got me a fabulous Lab top for christmas so now that I know how to use it I will hopefully keep up with blogging more. I love it he is way to good to me I do not deserve him. We ate our traditional Christmas breakfast of homeade cinnamon rolls and bacon. Then just hung out all day. Later that evening my family came over for yummy christmas dinner and we watched iron man. It really was a perfect christmas. Hope you all had a fabulous christmas as well:)

2009 Will Be Full of Weddings!!!

So my sister-n-law had the wonderful idea of annoucing our fabulous family news via blog. Good idea Em. Well I have double the fabulous news. My cute brother finally popped the question to his sweet girlfriend of a year Tracy on Christmas day. We can not wait the wedding will probably be in the fall (which is great that gives me hopefully plenty of time to get the rest of the baby weight off where it has been taking a permanent residence on my butt) and then I got a very surpising phone call from my darling brother-n-laws girlfriend of almost 2 years Nicole that Bryan finally asked her to be his bride yesterday. They hope to be married within 6 months. I can not wait and I feel so blessed to have two beautiful girls joining both sides of my family.