Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun!

We miss our hard working daddy..... Jocelyn has had a blast with grandma and grandpa. Bella is lucky to be alive. Her new nick name is "devil baby" poor, tortured baby is cutting 4 molars and is still sick, and I have had it. The easter bunny was good to the girls (surprise, surprise). Mommy just can't wait to get home so the girls can have some serious daddy time. Happy Easter

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Girls Weekend!

Girls Weekend!!! The girls and I went with the Pyne girls to help them move into their fabulous new home. It was a fun filled weekend playing in the snow, unpacking, playing, and visiting family. Aunt Jen and Uncle Cody were at our service and drove us all over Utah. I can't thank them enough. They are wonderful and it made me sad we don't get to see them more. They took us to see Great Grandpa Sorensen Jocey was petrified of him, and Bella just kept kissing his head. When we got there his cute little 93 year old girlfriend was there and when she left she planted the biggest kiss ever on him. Go Grandpa!!! He is one fisty old man all he kept talking about was the "pretty nurses". He just wanted me to tickle his head and then he passed out. Trev's Uncle Kent and Aunt Jill take care of him. They are so wonderful and sacrifice so much time and energy to make sure grandpa is comfortable, healthy, and well taken care of. I hope they both know how much the family appreciates all their hard work. Cody and Jen also took us to see Great Grandma Gleave and we went and had dinner. It was wonderful to see her. She is the healthiest active grandma ever. Joce just loved grandma. She served grandma tea for about 30minutes. We happened to "accidentally" bump into our missionary Danny on his way to Costa Rica he had no clue we were coming, and almost started crying when he saw Joce. He looked amazing. We are so excited for him.
We had a way to quick lunch with Aunt Amy and her beautiful kids. It was way to short and Jocelyn loves playing with her girls. Hopefully we will get to play with them more Easter weekend. Brynnley's house is beautiful and she got settled really quick. The Pyne girls are so excited to start a fun new life in Utah. Jocelyn cried for a half an hour when I told her Olivia (her best little friend) was not going to live in "Las Begas" (as Joce likes to call it) she has asked to see her several times since we have been home. We are excited for them, but will miss them very much. The one thing i learned from this trip is never go to the airport alone with 2 small children and no stroller. It was pretty much like pure torture, but the plane ride was fun. The best part was to see our Daddy after a long weekend away from him. The girls and I missed him so much and good not wait to get our arms around him. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder!