Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have been Converted!!!!

So this "Coupon Class" has been all the rave, and i have been officially converted. So for the few of you that have no clue what I am talking about people are hosting these "coupon parties" all over town where they teach us all about this website that rates how good the weekly grocery ads are every week, in addition it links you to printable coupon sites and then the big trick is they tell you if there is a coupon in the paper for each item and what week the coupon was in the Sunday paper. To be really successful you have to get multiple papers with a maximum of 5 papers every Sunday. For my family I get 4. I probably could have been good with 3 but I really wanted to bulked up my food storage and it is going to help me big time. So for example last week albertsons had a huge sale. So it took me 1 hour to clip and prepare using the website and my coupons and then 1 hour and 20 min to shop, and I got 320 dollars of groceries for a whopping 65 dollars. So when I averaged it out I got 86 items so it would end up being .75 cents for each item. You can barely buy gum for .75 cents anymore, and as you can see I got 6 top sirloin lean cuts of good meat. Normally that alone would have cost me 65 bucks. So big shout out to Jen Morris my dear friend who brought this to my attention. I love it, and am so excited to be saving my family so much during these rough economic times. For those of you who hate coupons and the clipping and time it takes, I use to feel your pain, but this makes it so easy and time efficient especially for the amount I saved. The next night after grocery shopping I had Eliza and Oliva pyne over for a "Dinner Party" for Jocey, they had a picnic on the floor and watched Willy Wonka and I made a very yummy dinner with all our cheap food. I don't think Trev was ever more excited for me to go grocery shopping. This Rocks!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trying not to take things for granted!

So the last few weeks have been hard for me. We have been having to deal with alot of tragic losses at work lately and also having alot of close friends having alot of family drama. As I have had the distinct honor of trying to help my patients deal with the grieving process and loss of their baby that has made me realize how much I take my girls for granted. I think day after day life seems tough and busy and often I forget how truly blessed I have been. My girls are hysterical. They are not perfect by no means, they are as sassy as they come, but they make me laugh and they bring so much meaning to my life. They have taught me so much already. I am especially grateful for my sweet and extremely sexy husband. He often goes unrecognized for all of the amazing things he does. He seriously works 15-17 hours work days and yet as soon as he gets off he just wants to be with his girls. I have never met a man who is more in love with his daughters. For that I am so grateful, because sadly I am learning that men like him are hard to come by. He has the strongest testimony of anyone I know and I rely on him in ways he will never even know. I am so lucky he is mine:) Times are so crappy right now, but thankfully it has forced not only myself but I am sure many of you to be grateful for the small things, and realize that family is the most precious thing we will ever have. I hope I never take that for granted again.