Monday, September 29, 2008

Daddy's Girls

Dad does not take many pictures so we thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know dad is still here. With such cute girls who wants to see dad?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Pack is back!

We had our first offical Schmidt monday night football dinner. Our family is still in mourning over the loss of Brett, but we are coping as best as we can. Greenbay won and that is all that matters. We wish Brett all the best, but hopefully he knows he will always have a piece of the Schmidt family heart. Grandpa Don was incharge this time and did an awesome job. He also had Packer attire for his grandchildren. Thanks Grandpa!!!

Jocelyn 1st Offical Dance Class

Joce started her first dance class this week I was so proud of her she totally paid attention and listened to Miss Lori. She did talk alot and had to be the center of attention, but honestly I did not expect anything less. She is the youngest and the tallest in her class. She is the one in the center of the line. She had so much fun and is doing the class with her best friend livi. After class we had a mommy-daughter lunch date at cafe rio. It was an awesome day.

Utah Girls Trip!!!

We had a Blast!!! Our whole family started our little utah trip going to see Uncle Danny play in his 1st BYU football Game. It was a blast and Danny did awesome of course. Grandma and Grandpa could not have been prouder. Of course all the grandkids had matching BYU shirts compliments of Grandma Roxann. Thanks Grandma:) Then on sunday we had a big family getting together with the entire Sorensen family. It was great to see everyone especially Great Grandpa Sorensen he is so sweet we just wish we could see him more often. At the dinner Ethan and Joce thought they should go to the bathroom together and not put their clothes back on, and then escape into the front yard naked. Emily and I looked like "mothers of the year", but of course we had to take pictures. Sadly that night Trevan, Grandpa Kory and Bryan had to leave to go back home to work. We missed Daddy so much through out the week.

The rest of the week was filled with exciting adventures. Emily, I and the kids were inseperable and I loved every minute of it. I wish so badly we lived closer. We took trips to carnivals, went to chucky chesse, thanksgiving point, the hoogle zoo, (where Jen Poulton and her girls and Richelle and baby Jack met us. Joce and Lily Poulton clicked instantly and were best friends it was awesome)we had craft night with Emily and Jen (we are so crafty now thanks to em), me and the girls slipped away to my aunt amy's house with cousin Ben Holst for a dinner play date it was yummy and so much fun thanks again, and at the end of the week we had the pleasure of going to cousin Whitney Gleaves wedding. Jocelyn was invited to be a flower girl and she was thrilled, she called her dress her "married dress". Joce was mesmorized by whit she kept telling her how beautiful she was and was constantly touching her face and hair, and then hugged her so tight she knock whit flat on her back in the grass.

We stayed with Great Grandma Gleave and Grandma Roxann and got to spend lots of quality time with them. Thanks Grandmas. Bella got sick on our trip which was a total bummer, but was still my little sweet heart. I think her favorite part of the trip was the petting zoo she would yell and grunt at the animals to get their attention and constantly wanted to pet them it was darling. Some of my favorite statements jocelyn made during our trip was at the petting zoo at thanksgiving point. We took a wagon ride with huge white horses pulling the wagon and when Jocelyn saw the wagon she said "oh my carriage is here to take me to my palace" and then there was a hedge maze and she looked at it and said "oh mommy look the Enchanted Forest". I am pretty sure she lives in a fantasy princess world. We had so much fun and hopefully will do that more often. A big thanks again to Grandma Roxann for all of her help and especially to my sister Emily you are an amazing mom, friend and sister thanks for everything I miss you already:)

I cant believe my babies getting so big............