Thursday, July 2, 2009

Belated 30th Birthday Post!!!

Even though 30 can be depressing because all it means is responsibility this was my best birthday ever. My wife spoiled me as always, and planned a very relaxing weekend at the Ritz. The Ritz is a five star hotel located at the Lake Las Vegas Resort which felt like we were out of town. She had scheduled a couple massage, lunch at my favorite pizzeria "Grimaldis", and had a basketball court added to our side yard while we were gone. The promise of having such a wonderful wife for another 30 years was all I needed but it was nice to be spoiled. Lex and I are high end hotel junkies. Of course Lex had to have a theme which was "30 presents for 30 years" and each one had meaning to me. The presents, the get away, and the room service were amazing, but all I really need are my 3 girls to be happy and look forward to another 30 years.

The Treadmill from Hell!!!!

So I win the prize for mother of the year. On Tuesday I was trying to be good and work out (that is why i should just be content with being fat) and bella decided to climb on and take a ride, however her little face got caught inbetween the wall and the treadmill. It was the worst thing i ever watched as she was screaming and i was waiting for the treadmill to stop after pulling the emergency cord. Trust me i tried to immediately grab her but she was trapped and i knew if i ripped her up it would do more damage to her precious face. Long story short I took her to the ER the ER doctor started balling when I told her the story. The cat scan and mri all came back normal. What a blessing!!!! She has 6 strawberries all over her body and a 2nd degree burn on the side of her face. Thanks for everyone who keeps calling to check on her. The wroble family really spoiled her they brought her yummy cupcakes, which she devoured, a babydoll with a bandaid on her face to match, and flowers. What great friends we have..... Janelle baugh also brought over some numbing cream from clear across town so my baby wasn't in so much pain. So although I failed all of you came through, Thanks. Trev band me from the treadmill when the kids are awake, probably a swell idea:) No need to worry bella is using this to her advantage, any time she does not get what she wants she points to her head and says "ouwee" and whimpers. She is one smart cookie!

The Big Recital!

Jocey had her 1st big dance recital, and it was actually the 30 year big show for Mrs. Lori so I came back as alumni and choreographed and danced as well. We had a blast. Jocelyn did fall one time but jumped right back up and kept on going we were so proud of her. Of course the best part for her was the tons of flowers everyone gave her, and daddy taking her for frozen yogurt after.

Jocelyn's 1st Day of Preschool!!!!!

Jocey loves school. Mrs. Tiff is her teacher and could not be sweeter. She goes every tues and thursday from 10 to 1230 and asks every day if it is preschool day or not.