Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Drama Queens

Best buds
Grandpa Don turned 50!

Bella Reese and mommy made a USA cake for dad for the world cup open:)

Trev and I decided that we are not buying anymore clothes for the girls because their new thing is to just were all my shirts and dresses and the higher the heels the better~

They love making goofy faces at eachother especially when they are in time out together it just turns into a big party.

Since i havent posted in a while i thought i would just put up some random pics of the girls. They are both so amazing. Jocey has been busy with dance, acting and preschool and she is has made the desicison to go to school this coming august. She is learning how to add and subtract and is writing and learning to read like crazy it is so werid. Bella Reese is one old soul she has a mind of her own and the girl knows what she wants when she wants it. She is all about playing dress up and wrestling with dad, she is so proud of herself because she knows her alphabet, and can count to 10. She is pretty much potty trained but we still have the occassional accident. It is so funny Jocey and Ressey are becoming the best of friends they color, snuggle, dress up, act out movies, cook with mom and wrestle and tell stories with dad. We are just having a blast. Trev has been so amazing working like a crazy man being so selfless and building his successful buisness while being such an amazing dad and husband. Us girls couldn't be luckier to have him.

Our little munchin






Jocelyn is quite the actress in the making and has been taken a class that includes: vocal, acting and technical ballet. Well their first performance was the "Wizard of Oz". Jocelyn age group were assigned to be the munchins and of course she was the best one:) P.S. sorry its been so long since a post but had serious computer issues and i also want to apologize for my xmas background i cant figure how to change it so when my fabulous sis n law gets back from her vacation in new york i will make her change it. Thanks em:)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Feeling the Christmas Spirit???

Getting in the christmas spirit????? well most of our family is and Bella reese is getting there:) We hope you are all enjoying yourselves and keeping the crazy stress to a minimum. The Santa picture was such a classic that the girls taking the picture entered it into some "screaming baby contest" so we will keep you posted. Trev was all about it and ready for some competition.
This weekend we are getting ready for Christmas at disneyland lets just all pray bell -bell likes Mickey better then Santa.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Elf Came:)

So in our family we have a tradition that the sunday after thanksgiving the girls make their christmas wish list and leave it in their shoe and place it by the front door in hopes that when they wake up santa's most trusted elf came and took their list back to santa and left a surprise. Well as always he did and left behind their christmas jamies, two xmas dvds and a learning book for bell bell and the game hungary hipppos for jocey. What a fun tradition thanks mom and dad for doing it for me when i was a kid it is so fun to carry on traditions:) side note i had to throw in the pic of bella-reese she has a crazy love for cheetos she was in heaven:)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all we hope you ate lots of fabulous turkey:) We stuck with our tradition and went to our aunt ellen and uncle chris house for dinner. The girls both have colds and did not have much of a desire to eat but jocey did eat some and bella-reese ate probably a cup of ranch dip:)