Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cox Family Reunion!

Papaloon and Honey Cox (also known as Owen and Grace Cox) traditional family reunion held in pine valley utah was this weekend. I adored my great- grandparents and miss them very much, but it was great to see all the family. Pine Valley is a beautiful place. The girls and I went with my parents and Joce had a blast playing in the stream with aunt Jess and Kait, and Bella loved laying on the blanket basking in the sun hanging out with Grandpa Don.

Bella's 6 months and Jocelyn is as crazy as ever!

Sitting good and loving it. Her 1st tooth finally broke through on July 28th and she did not love that, but she does love tylenol and motrin!!!Joce had to have a picture in her yellow dress too!
Joce decided it was winter in July and dressed for the occasion while showing off her fantasic karate moves!
"Bella's Glazed Daze"
Bella is trying so hard to crawl. She gets on all fours and rocks back and forth like she is going to take off and crawl and she get as far as knee-knee-face plant.

Officer Schmidt!!!!

My Brother the Hero!!!! Tannar offically graduated the Las Vegas Metro Police academy on July 31, 2008. The last 6 months he has been working sooooo incredibly hard and he finally made it. Tannar is so amazing and has accomplished so much already. I hope he knows how proud Trev and I are of him and how much we love him. The whole Family was at the ceremony and then dad planned a luncheon after at "Metro Pizza" (get it metro police force, metro pizza) Very catchy dad good job. The photos above is of Tannar with our immediate family and the proud grandparents and the other is Tannar and his lucky girlfriend Tracy. The photo at the bottom is a picture of Uncle Tannar's smallest fans Bella and Parker at the luncheon.

"Best Buds Already"

My girls are already best friends. Jocelyn is Bella's second little mommy and protector. You would think that Bella would get annoyed from all the constant smothering, but that is not the case. Bella thinks Jocelyn is the greatest thing alive. Bella just watches Jocelyn's every move, and when Jocelyn wakes up in the morning the first thing she worries about is where Bella is and if she is awake, and then she proceeds to Bella her how much she missed her during the night. Jocelyn feeds her and even cleans up Bella spits up. My girls are both so sweet at times and so spicy at times and they definately mesh well together. I already caught them sneaking and hiding from me (picture down below) which I thought was so adorable and so scary all at the same time.