Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting in the Halloween Spirit

So today i was determined to at least pretend i was a good mom and get in the holiday spirit. So the day started off with getting Jocey ready for school after we ate breakfast. She was so impressed with her cute hair and outfit that she just had to pose for the camera (she is histarical) while i was getting her ready apprently i didn't feed Bella enough because she strolled in with a loaf of french bread that she had helped herself to. Then after Jocey got home from school we had lunch and watch monsters and aliens the movie together. Then we painted pumpkins. They both loved it but bella ended up painting herself more then the pumpkin she didnt like the paint getting on her fingers so she would wipe them off on her shirt except i took her shirt off so by the end her chest and belly were covered in paint. Then before dinner we made our dessert of traditional carmel apples and popcorn. They loved making that . They both have developed a love for cooking and cook with me every day it definately slows me down and I cant get stuff done as quick, but so fun to do with my little mommies in training. It was a good day. Love it.

Just Another Sunday Morning.

Sunday mornings are our families favorite. We wake up very slowly and hang out in bed laughing and talking. Daddy often tells some dramatic made up fairy tale to the girls. Then the girls and I usually make dad a big sunday breakfast (french toast and bacon is the girls favorite). Then we slowly start getting ready after we ate breakfast in bed as a family. I know you are thinking i am crazy, syrup in my bed with a 4 and 1 yr old but what can i say at least i am making memories right??? Bella-Reese thought she would help get herself ready and laid down in my bed and proceeded to apply her mascara, not bad for a 1 yr old. This sunday was especially special because we went to mesquite to see cousin "Cooper Donald Jensen" be blessed. Dad was in the blessing circle and Cooper is now grandpa dons favorite since he is his namesake. of course i forgot my camera like an idiot. you can go to debbyleavitt.com and see coop's newborn pictures he is beautiful.