Sunday, December 21, 2008

Disneyland, snow, mini family reunion and BYU football what more could you ask for???

So I have been so neglecting blogging but the last three months have been crazy. We moved into our new home that has a casita for Trev's office and now he gets to "leave the house for work, but still be home" it has been awesome. We are finally settled and loving life and our new home. So this week was awesome. Tuesday we got back from california from disneyland and then on wednesday I went to a girlfriend's house to make cinnamon roll snowflakes and while we were doing that it starting snow and I almost started crying, but before we new it Las vegas looked like the north pole. "Hell and offically frozen over" It was so crazy that when i was trying to drive home I ended up hitting a curb. So we had a sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa because my tires could not deal with the snow. It was awesome. The picure is over my house and our view from our backyard. Love it. Then on Saturday all the Sorensen's and Gleave's came to our house for a BYU tail gate party. We have our fabulous Freshmen boys Danny and Justin who play for the Y and did an awesome job depsite our loss. It was so much fun to eat and hang out with all the family. It was awesome. Then Grandma and Grandpa and Danny stayed for our Christmas progam at church it was wonderful. I love christmas time I really should be a elf. We had the perfect week.

Disney! Disney! Disney!

Girls Trip to Disneyland!!!!

So we had been planning a family trip to Disneyland for the last 6 months for Jocelyn's 1st time and we could not wait. Then the day before we were suppose to leave poor Trevan's entire computer network shut down it was horrible, but being the good dad that he is, he insisted that I still take Joce so I did. I was lucky enough to go with my wonderful friend who I also have the pleasure every week of working with at the hospital Kim Martinez and her family. Then my sweet brother in law Bryan and his fabulous girlfriend Nicole (hopefully soon sister in law Hint Hint bryan) also came with us. We started the day with pooring down cold rain but that was not going to stop us nor did the 2 and a half hour long L.A. traffic stop us. We met the Martinez family at Goofy's Kitchen for their little boy Axel's Birthday breakfast it was amazing. It is a must every time we go to disney now. Thanks Kim for the fabulous treat. I love you. Joce was terrified at first of all the animal characters and cried if they came near, but no worries instantly loved any princess she saw. I was determined to see all of disney in a day. So we ran from town to town and road almost every ride we could. It was probably not the best idea to take my scared 3 year old on Thunder mountain just because she was tall enough I am pretty sure I tramatized her, but I definatly made up for it when I took her for 2 hours to meet all the princess's in person and have them sign her book then, to the coronation cermeony where she learned to dance, wave, sing, and act like a princess. The parade and firework show was amazing, but sadly after a long day from 6:30 am to 12 midnight in was over. Goofy's buffet, 5 churro's, Chicken fingers, and a turkey leg later it was time to leave. Pretty sure Joce got a mild case of hyperthermia but now that I now how to properly dress my child we will always go during christmas time, on a rainy day no one was there it was awesome. The next morning I asked Joce "baby do you want to go back to disneyland?" her response was "no we were there way to long yesterday and I hate that train". Thanks again to Kim, bryan and nicole we had a blast and also to Grandma Roxann for letting us stay and having a grandma day with Bella. WE love you.

Jocelyn's 1st Dance Recital with Mrs. Lori

Jocey started taking dance this year with the famous Mrs. Lori. She looked forward to it every monday. She took class with her best little friend Olivia Pyne. Their
1st recital was on December 8, 2008. I was so excited that I even made her christmas costume. So about 2 minutes before the show was suppose to start Jocelyn was sitting on her tape on stage waiting and then looked at me in a whispering screaming voice said "Mom I peed" I said what and she repeated "mom I peed" so my and my fabulous friend Brynnley Pyne took every bib I had in my diaper bag and went to clean up the disater. Luckily I made her tu-tu so poofy that it acted as a barrier and the pee stayed in a nice little puddle. 2 minutes later Joce was dancing her little heart out. Talk about serious stage nerves. Her daddy was so cute and gave her flowers after the show she thought she was so cool. Thanks to all my family and the Hartsell girls for coming and supporting. We love you all.