Monday, October 20, 2008

My Princess 3!!!!

So it only took me three weeks but i am finally posting Jocelyn's big 3rd birthday. What a loser mom am I! Anyways, we wanted to keep it a little more low key. So, Trevan ask Joce "you only get one present this year so make it good and Jocelyn's reply was a castle please." Trev said like a little castle to play with all your figurines in, and Joce said no one that you live in. We thought that was pretty funny. So I have the tradition when dad goes to work the kids and I have birthday cake for breakfast and Jocelyn loved it she kept saying "mom this is so sneaky". Well she got her castle we found and 6' x 6' tent castle she could play in and she lives in it. Trev and I took her to a birthday lunch with one of her best friends Ellie Wroble who she does not get to see very often at Red Robin. They had so much fun. Then at night my mom and dad were nice enough to let us get together and have cake and ice cream at their house. Joce wanted pink princess cupcakes. I think she had a great day. I can't believe how big she is. We are so lucky to have her.

Go Lakers Go !!!

My wife suprised me and bought great seats to the Laker's game. Every year the Lakers play the hated Sacramento Kings as part of the Laker's preseason schedule. We had great seats at the T&M and were able to see the great Kobe Bryant whi played most of the game as well as Gasol and Bynum. It was one of the steps on the road to a championship. I know my dad and brothers wished they could have been there to cheer on the lake show, sorry guys.