Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My baby is 4!!!!!

Angelique and Ainsley Hartsell

They loved Chucky on stage but not when he tried to come mingle. Bella loved him so much she climbed up on stage with chucky and started dancing it was awesome.

Jocelyn Really enjoyed her cupcake or at least every last morsel of icing:)

Jocey and Her best friend Ellie Wroble. They could not be more opposite from each other and yet play so well together. Jocelyn is crazy outgoing, energtic, spontaneous, where ellie is totally type a, calm and follows the rules to a "T". I love that jocey has such great friends already.

Bella was fearless and wanted to ride every ride. The crazier and the more the ride moved the better. It was worth every penny.

Trev was so thrilled to be a the grimmy germ infested kid wonderland:) He is such a good sport.

Ruby Jane another one of Jocey's sweet and calm friends. Ruby was so cute she was so sad that all the seats were taken by jocey by other kids so simple solution she had joce share a seat with her. I love it.

It isn't a party with out ballons:)

Grandma cheryl and aunt jess came to the rescue yet again. I went to pick up jo's cake and to my surprise they didn't make it. It was exactly what every mom wants to hear 30min before the party starts. Needless to say the ugly cake she got was not the cake she was suppose to have but my mom and jess went to chucky cheese early to save tables and help me set up extremely quickly. Thanks to both of you.

Grandma Roxy stopped in for a quick visit on her way up to utah for the big "Y" games. Go studly quarter back uncle Brad, and she spoiled jocey like crazy. All we have watched the last week has been 3 swan princess dvds.

Love my sassy sweet girl:)

Jocey insisted i make her a pink tweety bird cake. Not my best cake that is for sure. Actually it looks more like a skeleton tweety on crack. At least it tastes good. Sorry joce mommy tried.