Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's hard work getting such cute girls ready for Church

It was a typical Sunday morning trying to get the girls to match, get their toes painted, hair curled, and to smile at the same time. Lexi does such a great job and we get tons of compliments at church on how cute the girls are. Or people ask me "are you new in the ward, whats you last name, who is your wife" I just reply skipping over the first two questions, and go straight to: the really talented girl with long brown hair is my wife. They instantly say "Oh I know Alexis, she is so gorgeous and sweet"......then there is a long pause. I only can figure that the long pause is integestion not that how we are together. Oh well.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Is Here

Happy Easter....For Easter we went down to California to visit our Family. What an adventure for Jocelyn...she had so much fun throwing the eggs into the small dye filled glasses, or using her hands to decorate the eggs....and the tablecloth. When it came to the finding of the eggs she was very enthused until she realized there was candy and more important "Money" in the eggs. Grandpa hid the eggs as though for an army and it was funny after the family had searched for a good 45 min Dan asked "how many are left", we were all thinking 5 to 10ish must be left but to our suprise Grandpa replied with a grin "No, there is about 50 left". What..... there were no more eggs visible to the eye, and we had found plenty in the ivy, trash, ivy, and roof. Grandpa obviously needs more grandchildren and the buula buula song will not work with 50 unfound eggs.

The Food was amazing, the weather was perfect and the girls loved to spend time with their California grandparents.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bella Reese Sorensen's Blessing

Mom & Dad and the boys were in attendance from Cali, the entire Schmidt Family was present, many of our friends and our overflowing ward (split 4 times this year) was there to witness Bella's Blessing in one of the largest Priesthood Circles to date. After we served the Schmidt's famous "Tacos". Lets just say that people lingered and it didn't help that Grandpa Kory made his wondeful Lemonade.