Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jo-Jo's fight with eye-liner

It was long day at the Schmidt's helping Jessie get ready for prom. Jocelyn is always trying to help lex and loves to copy her, even if it envolves make-up. Lex has a talent for applying make-up and has helped with Emily's & Whitney's, weddings and countless other make-up jobs with her friends and family. After watching mom apply her craft Jo-Jo had to participate even without permission.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Benadryl Anyone ?

After my surgery the doctor said I had some nerve damage, this nerve damage has served as a good laugh for anyone that has witnessed the many parts of my body that due to neglect try to act out to get attention....oh we can see you Mr. my case a little to good.

The bottom one is not so bad...the top one however makes me look as if I have escaped from a mental institution.

Two peas in a pod!

I just could not wait to dress them alike... finally I got my chance!!! Some of our bestfriends the Parkhursts are expecting their second baby girl "Sophie Joy" so we had our first offically girls day at the baby shower. My girls were dressed like twins, and I loved every minute of it. Jocelyn even loved it and it is a good thing because it is not going to stop any time soon!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Looking Back at Paradise

One of the best times in our life together! Great friends, beaches, food, beaches, food....beaches and food.

Looking Back at Our Trip to Hawaii

Lex and I vacationed in Oahu, Hawaii for a little more than a week. Since we just started this blog and hopefully it can take the place of my Lexi's expensive scrapbook addiction, so we are including some of our best memories. We Dropped Jo-Jo (8 months) off at the Sorensens for a week, it was the first time we had been away from her more than a day. We were lucky to go with my best buddy Matt Parkhurst (Hawaiian local) and his wife. We let Matt be our travel guide and we hung out at the North Shore for the majority of the time. We would go get these Hawaiian donuts called "malasadas" every morning....amazing, then we would head to Waimea Bay all day. The sand was warm, the sky was perfectly blue and you could see tons of multi-colored fish in unbelievably clear water...we did a ton of snorkeling, napping, and reading Dan Brown books. Frequently after a long day at the beach we would visit this great Mexican restaurant named "Rosie's Cantina", we would just relax and enjoy the best pina-coladas, margaritas-virgin of course, and chips and salsa. We had so much fun and it seems like 20 years ago as we currently are spending all our free time changing diapers and entertaining 2 beautiful girls 24/7.