Monday, November 30, 2009

The Elf Came:)

So in our family we have a tradition that the sunday after thanksgiving the girls make their christmas wish list and leave it in their shoe and place it by the front door in hopes that when they wake up santa's most trusted elf came and took their list back to santa and left a surprise. Well as always he did and left behind their christmas jamies, two xmas dvds and a learning book for bell bell and the game hungary hipppos for jocey. What a fun tradition thanks mom and dad for doing it for me when i was a kid it is so fun to carry on traditions:) side note i had to throw in the pic of bella-reese she has a crazy love for cheetos she was in heaven:)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all we hope you ate lots of fabulous turkey:) We stuck with our tradition and went to our aunt ellen and uncle chris house for dinner. The girls both have colds and did not have much of a desire to eat but jocey did eat some and bella-reese ate probably a cup of ranch dip:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

We had another awesome halloween. Our little lady bug and bumble bee were a hit where ever we went. We kept our family tradition of going early in the afternoon to take our grandparents, and close friends treats. We went and saw great grandparents cox, with great aunt Tiffany and Angie and cousin maddie, great grandma schmidt (grandpa is in lambo field watching the fabulous packers play with uncle tannar, dane and bobby), aunt ellen and uncle chris, grandma and grandpa don and cheryl and the parkhurst family we missed the hartsell family we hope they had a great halloween though. The biggest miss was for grandma and grandpa Sorensen. We miss them so much but we did get to talk to them on the phone.We also miss our Yeates family, uncle cody and aunt jen, Uncle bryan and aunt Nicole and uncle brad and danny. we love and miss you all it stinks not getting to see all them very often. After that we went to trunk or treat at the church and aunt kait came to help us. There was a dog there and that is all bella wanted to do was play with that dog she could have cared less about the candy all she wanted was a sucker in her mouth at all times. She only threw one tantrum at grandma cox's in her front yard which was huge cuz lately her whole life has been a tantrum. After trunk or treat Trev took bella home then kait and i took Joce trick or treating at my moms neighborhood. She went to one house and they had a scary black cat and Joce looked at Kait and said I am done I want to go home. So home we went and in the bath the girls went. Our buggies had fun and so did we this is such a fun time in our lives. Happy Halloween to all:)

Friday is Grandma Day:)

So i have to give a huge shout out to my parents and my two younger sisters kait and Jess. Honestly they are so amazing and are so wonderful to my girls. Both my girls are so attached to them because of all they do for and with them. My mom pretty much watches my girls every friday while i am at work, and my dad usually tries to come home early that day to spend time with my mom and girls. so my poor mom has to take Jocelyn to Dance at 10am then home for lunch, trapoline time, digging in the dirt, naps and usually some kind of cooking or craft project then acting class at 3pm. My two sisters try to help as much as they can but it is a crazy schedule and this friday was no exception. They did dance then home to carve pumpkins and eat all the guts which apparently my girls love pumpkin guts and turned into lunch ha ha! My parents even got them their own little pumpkins to carve and keep and make a plate of bat cookies for mom and dad. They were delicous by the way thanks mom:) Joce didnt have acting because she had her performance on wednesday which my mom made sure she was there of course and so she got them all dressed and took them to trunk or treat till 8pm. I am so grateful for a family who really cares and takes interest in my kids that is hard to come by now a days. Thanks again mom dad and girls we love you!

Our Little Actress:)

Jocelyn is at such a fun age right now. She has become my little buddy. People tell me all the time that we should get her into acting. Well against my better judgement my sweet hubby convinced me to put her into a class we found an lds run company called "Hollywood Kids Academy" and for 10.00 bucks she get 20min of vocal lessons, 20min of acting and 20 min of technical ballet every friday. Her teacher is actually one of the girls in the ward who i happen to visiting teach. Mrs. Joelle. Miss Joelle is fabulous she has been on broadway and has been on "who's line is it anyways" and won 100,000 grand. She is amazing and jocelyn is having so much fun. Every month they learn a new fairy tale and at the end of the month they perform it. Her 1st performance was this week and they did cinderella. She did awesome and was not shy (i know that, that comes as a huge surprise ha ha). Jocelyn also still does tap and jazz class once a week with Mrs. Lori and we could not love her more. Jocey also loves hanging out with my young women every wednesday night. She helped me cook my young women dinner and went halloween shopping with us. She is like our class mascot and my young women just love her.