Friday, June 11, 2010

Since i havent posted in a while i thought i would just put up some random pics of the girls. They are both so amazing. Jocey has been busy with dance, acting and preschool and she is has made the desicison to go to school this coming august. She is learning how to add and subtract and is writing and learning to read like crazy it is so werid. Bella Reese is one old soul she has a mind of her own and the girl knows what she wants when she wants it. She is all about playing dress up and wrestling with dad, she is so proud of herself because she knows her alphabet, and can count to 10. She is pretty much potty trained but we still have the occassional accident. It is so funny Jocey and Ressey are becoming the best of friends they color, snuggle, dress up, act out movies, cook with mom and wrestle and tell stories with dad. We are just having a blast. Trev has been so amazing working like a crazy man being so selfless and building his successful buisness while being such an amazing dad and husband. Us girls couldn't be luckier to have him.

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